LCC Coming Soon + ABIDE

LCC Coming Soon + ABIDE

I have two exciting things to announce, and a few small reminders. Let’s jump in!

Lowcountry Crawl is Returning Soon!

Back in 2019, Johnny and I published Lowcountry Crawl, and y’all seemed to like it! So much so that it completely sold out its first two print runs in just a few months.

In January of 2020 we decided to put that project on hold until we could find some writers and consultants who were better equipped to explore that setting than we were.

Well, I’m excited to announce that day is here!

Please welcome Steven Bramlet, our new head writer for Lowcountry Crawl. He’s got a clear vision for the future of the zine. He and our editor, Stacie, have been hard at work re-vamping this first edition.

We’re partnering with a local consultant, Erica Veal, to ensure we’re properly representing the people of this period. Akelah of Salt and Sage also returns to help us out.

Steven uses Johnny’s original foundation as a jumping off point to make something new and fresh. We call this new book: Lowcountry Crawl 1.5

It’s more than a re-print, but not quite a sequel. Lowcountry Crawl 1.5 will include:

  • Everything from the original LCC
  • A dozen pages of new content
  • Two new adventures
  • 4 new creatures
  • Two new pieces of art from Michael Lee Harris
  • Many many small edits and tweaks
  • and more!

The text for LCC 1.5 is in the hands of our consultants right now, and should return for another round of edits and additions. If all goes well, we hope to have prints available before Christmas!

To reflect the new content and to ensure we can pay our larger team, we’ll be raising the price to $15 for a print copy. Everyone who owns the PDF will receive the updated version for free.

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Speaking of more announcements…

ABIDE gets a Playtest PDF

While working on RIPE, we decided that this name didn’t quite fit with how the game was changing and growing. And when I say “we” I mostly mean Gini. They’ve totally improved and reimagined every part of this game; its as much their game as it is mine.


We changed the name to ABIDE for a few reasons.

  1. RIPE is a game about Elders fighting against their Harvesters. The title frames the Elders as victims; objects waiting to be taken. We don’t want to disrespect the Elders right off the bat.
  2. RIPE is a grim title, but the game is actually growing into something hopeful and heartwearming. There is still a tinge of darkness, but it’s by no means a gritty game.
  3. RIPE comes later in the alphabet, and we want our games to be the first things listed on store shelves! Okay, this isn’t a real reason, but 3 reasons looks cooler than 2.

To celebrate the new title, ABIDE is getting a huge content injection in the form of a full featured playtest PDF. It not only includes all the rules of the game, but even more examples and advice. The PDF also comes with two complete adventures to kick off your games and get you started.

You can grab the ABIDE playtest PDF here. If you do get to take it for a spin, please let us know how it goes! I, for one, can’t wait to start playing it with my local group.

Other stuff


The Printing Spree Kickstarter has finished shipping out US orders. EU and some overseas orders are still en route. But even if you missed the Kickstarter, you can still grab extra copies of the following books:

Did you know I re-vamped the Wyrd Hunt Generator for the latest Kickstarter reprint? Check it out!

That about sums it up for now. Can’t wait to show you more soon!