Lowcountry Crawl

Lowcountry Crawl

Lowcountry Crawl is a roleplaying game supplement for DnD-ish games. Most of the content is system-agnostic, but the creature stats are compatible with most fantasy RPGs. It’s chock full of tables, house rules, monsters, and other resources acting together as a toolbox for generating a deep coastal South-inspired atmosphere.

20% of every sale goes to support the Lowcountry Action Committee! 52 pages, black and white interior, 5.5”x8.5” softcover book.

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The Book Includes:

  • Barrier Island Generator. Create a variety of barrier islands for your players to explore.
  • 40 Random Encounters to scatter about your adventure.
  • Island Crawl adventure with over a dozen detailed locations and streamlined travel rules.
  • Deadly Smedley. A mysterious pirate who seeks to heal the broken magicks of the Lowcountry.
  • Plantation Heist adventure with Smedley and her pirates.
  • Mystical African Creatures who have made their home in this strange new world.

Reviews & More

“Lowcountry Crawl brings light to an under-explored piece of 19th century history, bringing life to some of its more outrageous elements and tales.” - Charleston City Paper

“It is delightful and flavorful, has a good payout idea, and I can see myself taking inspiration from it for my own purposes.” - Brian Yaksha

“Pepper in a little gothic horror, stir up some new islands using the random island generator, and you’ll have a veritable Lowcountry Boil to add to your games.” - Tony Obert