Tempered Legacy

Tempered Legacy

Tempered Legacy is a magic item supplement for fantasy RPGs. The powers of these items are locked behind the regrets of previous owners. Compatible with most Fantasy Roleplaying Games. 64 Pages, Black and White interior, 5.5”x8.5” Softcover book.

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The Book Includes:

  • Advice on using Regrets to make GMing even easier!
  • Tempered trinkets, coins, and cookin pans.
  • How to create your own Tempered Items, Regrets, and Quests.
  • Over a dozen pre-made Tempered Weapons. Here is just a taste of what’s inside:
    • Fiona Geist created a crystal dao that wipes memories.
    • John Gregory wrote about a lantern shield that protects from fire.
    • Ash McAllan unearthed a gravedigger’s spade that severs the soul.
    • Shoe Skogen unveiled a tiny clockwork rat that can deliver messages.
    • Mahar Mangahas created a tourmaline sword that grants unicorn blessings.
  • 3 complete suits of Tempered Armor and special armor rules written by Dave Cox.

“I think it’s an incredible book to pick up if you ever want to introduce more compelling magic items into your game, that could be fantasy, sci-fi, or anywhere in-between.” - Omnimyth Press

“Tempered Legacy is a fun and new way to give life to magic items. The system-neutral approach provides a universal platform from which to work, and adapting this framework to any fantasy roleplaying game should be as easy as one, two, three…” - Rolling Boxcars

“I’m really impressed. This essentially a game and setting generator, in ten pages of rules.” - All the Things Under Heaven and Earth

Tempered Weapon Generator

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