Clink is a tabletop RPG about drifters, the creeds that bring them together, and the history that drives them apart.

This game uses coins to tell a story inspired by spaghetti westerns, ronin tales, and shows like Firefly or Supernatural. 72 Pages, Color interior, 5.5”x8.5” Softcover Book.

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Your past is a mystery, but your Creed drives you forward.

Characters begin as rough sketches of the shifty sort you’d see in an old Western or Noir film. They all start as blank slates, their histories unknown. Tell stories about their past and create your character as you play.

Clink tells a non-linear story, crisscrossing between your characters’ flashbacks and the risky business of the day.

“We had a hilarious and memorable time. We’ll be playing again soon! 5 Stars! I can’t say it enough. 5 Stars!” - Nate L.

“If you want a simple game that you can play for a few hours, are new to tabletops, or perhaps trying to get a friend to try - I highly recommend this.” - Conrad A.

Make your mark on frontiers both familiar and bizarre.

Clink includes three starting scenarios to kick off your adventures. Each scenario contains a quick background, a few example creeds, and 5 characters so your group can jump right in.

  • RUSTBARREL: A thriving frontier town caught between a corrupt silver miners and murderous outlaws.
  • TIANGONG: Once the pride of the stars, the space station has fallen to neglect and crime.
  • DARKGORGE: Ever since the double eclipse in December of 1880, the monsters haven’t stopped coming.

It’s a flexible system that can support nearly any setting, so long as there’s room for folks who aim to misbehave (six-shooters and door-kickin’s encouraged too).

Spend coins to shape your past, or flip them to determine your future.

By spending hard-earned coins, the player is able to reveal more and more of their Drifter’s personality through flashbacks and stories. But sometimes those flashbacks will bring up painful memories, burdening your Character with Scars.

When push comes to shove in Clink, it’s time to start flipping coins. A “heads” gets you what you’re going for, but every “tails” sends you deeper and deeper into trouble.