May Update

May Update

I’m a weird writer.

I know I’d get more views if I wrote more regular blog posts. But a lot of the work that I enjoy doesn’t lend itself well to a blog post format. So…here’s a blog post. Finally. About all the stuff I’ve been working on.

Reprint Kickstarter

WHAT?? I planned, launched, funded, overfunded, and completed an entire Kickstarter Project without posting anytihng on the blog?


Yeah…sorry. Told you I was a bad writer. Weired, I mean. Weird is a better word.

Luckily the project went well! We funded 6 books and we’re on schedule to get them printed and delivered by June.

Bone Marshes and Tempered Legacy will be back in stock very soon. WOOOO!

Bone Marshes + Marsh Goons


Bone Marshes is getting a MAJOR content update that will include everything from Marsh Goons (a sequel adventure by Joe Banner). I updated the Bone Marshes page to include character sheets and generators from both parts.

If you already own the Bone Marshes PDF OR the Marsh Goons PDF, you get the expanded version for free! WHOOO! If you already own both PDFs, there’s still an extra page or two of content and some typos fixes.

Altar of Shredded Memories


Created in partnership with Lucas Rolim and my wife, Lauren Schirduan. We submitted it to the TroikaFest Game Jam.

This was a ton of fun to work on, and features some fun mapping rules and skill mechanics. Grab it for free and give it shot!

Patreon Explosions Update


During 2020 I launched a Patreon to give my favorite 200 Word RPG Entries some fancy layout.

Now all 10 games live on a new page with easier access. They’re all free, and they’re all cool. Enjoy!

Generator Updates

The Tempered Legacy weapon generator has a new feature: Search Bar! The Tempered Weapon database is infinite and endless. Simply enter a weapon name from any source and you’ll get a shiny result. This also makes it easier to save and load weapons across devices. Happy Searching!

The Troika Generator, Best Left Buried, and Stygian Library generators also got fresh coats of paint. Tons of minor optimizations and fixes that took many hours of my life…but don’t really fit into a blog post, haha!

More to come!

After the Kickstarter project is complete I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming soon.

  • Blog posts about making your own generators, convention display updates, and some more game reviews.
  • RIPE is still under construction; I’ve got a bunch of rad artists aged 60+ who are contributing their work. So pumped to show it off soon!
  • Lowcountry Crawl is getting a re-print, and update, and some sequels. This time with a team of black writers and artists who will take the zine in an exciting new direction. GET HYPE!
  • And some other things that aren’t ready to share yet.

Thanks for putting up with the awkward silences on this website. I hope to remedy that situation, but who knows? To make sure you don’t miss out on any news, be sure to sign up for the Newsletter!

cover photo by Mélanie THESE on Unsplash