RIPE is the newest game from Technical Grimoire. It’s presented as a choose your path multiplayer story that leads into a traditional tabletop RPG book. The playtest demo is freely available below, but the final product will be a shiny hardcover book with art.

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You are an Elder. You’ve done a little of everything, mastered many skills, and have survived hundreds of trials and dangers. You’re not a young fool who bets on raw strength or blind luck. Rather, you rely on your teammates, experience, and careful planning to achieve your goals.

Your Harvester is Coming. Harvesters descend from the sky in a rainbow trail of light and smoke. They make landfall with an earth-shaking crash and emerge from the smoking crater with one goal: Capture their target.

You Can’t do This Alone. Outcast by society and hunted by Harvesters, Elders tend to stick together. Instead of taking turns, RIPE has a heavy focus on coordinated teamwork. The players succeed or fail together.