Troika Generator & Tracker

Troika Generator & Tracker

Use the buttons below to generate characters for the Troika! roleplaying game. The turn tracker lets you manage Troika’s weird turn system. You can view all 344 backgrounds here.

Character Generator

Turn Tracker

Thanks to:

  • Luis Alvarez for the beautiful card art. All rights belong to Luis.
  • Andrei Gheorghiu for the excellent number spinner code.
  • Uyuxo for collecting the list.
  • Daniel Sell for making Troika such an incredible game.
  • All the creatives who contributed their backgrounds to this generator. You’re all amazing!


This generator is an independent production by Technical Grimoire and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council. All backgrounds were added with the explicit permission of their respective creators, and those creators retain sole rights to their creations.