Two New Zines Available!

Two New Zines Available!

We have two fresh zines available for purchase! And a bunch of other random updates.

Hot Fresh Zines!

Tempered Legacy is a magic item supplement for fantasy RPGs. The powers of these items are locked behind the regrets of previous owners.


Marsh Goons is the complete package: adventure, rules, items, dungeons, monsters, all packed into 36 pages.

In Marsh Goons your inventory is your life, and the mud keeps weighing you down! The rule system perfectly reflects the chaotic and difficult terrain of the marshes; both its dangers and its riches. The game also includes a new system of magic revolving around mud; spells powered by mud, magic items that change when covered in mud, mud mud MUD!


Pro Tip: If you order ANY of the zines available on my site and put them all in the same cart, then you can save BIG on shipping: Tempered Legacy, Marsh Goons, or Lowcountry Crawl.

Deges and Dragons recorded a brilliant game of Clink. A really cool spin is that a lot of the game sessions end with a discussion about using games in therapy environments and as behavioral tools. REALLY interesting look at the potential for games to improve the lives of their players.

Then they brought me on for a casual interview to brainstorm about RPGs and the wider community.

Mythic Mortals Gameplay

Eryn Levine of Game Play Radio discusses the challenges of podcasting and then plays through an excellent session of Mythic Mortals! Glad to see them enjoying my very first game.

Poetry Interview

Derek Berry is a prolific poet and tabletop nerd who I had the privilidge of talking to in their podcast “Contribute your Verse”. We talked a little about RPGs, the power of collaborative storytelling, and some lyric games!

Such a fun time, and worth a listen!

Contribute Your Verse · Storytelling Through Games W/ David Schirduan

Future Projects

Now that Marsh Goons and Tempered Legacy are out in the world I’ve got a huge list of stuff I want to work on next!

  • Stygian Library Generator. This was one of my first generators and is getting a huge makeover in the next month or so thanks to the incredible Kickstarter campaign.
  • More reviews. I have over a dozen games that I’ve been enjoying and want to share with you. Hoping to start working on those soon.
  • RIPE is getting completely re-written. Not sure about the details, but things are gonna change. Enjoy the current version while you can!
  • More Troika!. This generator continues to be the most popular tool on my site and I look forward to adding more backgrounds and improvements.

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