Coming in ZineQuest 2020...

Coming in ZineQuest 2020...

Technical Grimoire will launch a Kickstarter campaign in February to fund the production of two brand new zines! Join the Mailing List to get updates.

Marsh Goons

A Tabletop RPG mud-crawl adventure. It’s like a hex-crawl but every freaking mile is a dirty, grimy, sweaty trial. Written by Joe Banner using the elegant “Tunnel Goons” rules.


Marsh Goons is about tromping through a bizarre marsh, encountering/surviving the locals, and lots (and lots) of mud. A dozen new creatures and locations, powerful NPCs, and streamlined mechanics make this an easy choice for quick adventure. A standalone sequel to Bone Marshes.

Marsh Goons will include:

  • Artwork by Jess Comstock
  • Hexkit maps by Cecil Howe and Steven Collins
  • Complete ruleset based on Tunnel Goons, but with more mud!
  • A dozen detailed NPCs and bizarre creatures
  • Several engaging locations
  • 100 marshy random items
  • 50 Muddy Spells
  • Fronts and quests to engage your players
  • And more!

Tempered Legacy


Temepered Legacy is a magic item supplement for fantasy RPGs. The powers of an item are locked behind the regrets of previous owners.

Try out the Weapon Generator to get a feel for it.

The upcoming zine will inclue:

  • Pre-made weapons written by Fiona Geist, Ash Mchallan, Johnny, Madeline, and more amazing designers.
  • The Many Origins of Tempered Metal
  • Rules for Tempered Armor
  • Tempered Coin Stock Market (TempCoin)
  • Advice on using Regrets to improve your prep and engage your players.
  • And more!

What about Lowcountry Crawl 2?

Lowcountry Crawl 2 has been delayed. Perhaps indefinitely.

We wanted Lowcountry Crawl to be an exploration and a celebration of 19th century southern life. The humid coasts, the haunted mansions, the bizarre legends, etc. Heroism and daring amidst corruption and subjugation. We know this setting is underexplored and we hoped to bring its riches to everyone.

However, after talking to a dozen consultants and historical experts, we decided that this isn’t our story to tell.

We’re still proud of the first issue, but we feel that we couldn’t explore this setting any further without treading on dangerous ground; namely the topic of slavery.

Johnny and I grew up in the south. We’re aware that slavery is not a distant memory but rather a trauma that we as a nation are still healing from. Johnny and I don’t want Lowcountry Crawl to be a painful reminder of that trauma.

What we meant to be a celebration could easily be seen as an insensitive reference to something that two white guys can’t properly understand. Likewise, ignoring slavery completely does a disservice to all those who fought against and suffered from that horrible system.

This is simply not our story to tell. Not with the resources we currently have. Johnny and I hope that we can find someone who IS qualified to tell that story; someone who can bring this setting to life in a way we never could.

If you know anyone like that, please tell them to email me:

Until then, we thank you so much for all your support. The few remaining copies of the first issue are available here on the website.


I’m so excited for the two zines we are bringing to Kickstarter in February. I hope I can count on your support in making these adventures a reality!

 - David