Lowcountry Crawl 1.5 in layout + Abide Adventures

Lowcountry Crawl 1.5 in layout + Abide Adventures

I have TONS of updates about ongoing projects, so let’s dive in here:

  • Lowcountry Crawl 1.5 PDF is dropping early September! The print copies will be available soon after.
  • Clink En Español. And it’s beautiful! Also you can purchase some shiny coins even if you don’t speak Spanish.
  • ABIDE gets another adventure and continues to grow.
  • Two more conventions in 2021. Maybe…

Lowcountry Crawl 1.5

I talked about it a little before, but here’s some more concrete details:

  • Lowcounter Crawl 1.5 PDF will be available early September. Anyone who already owns the LCC1 PDF will get the 1.5 updates for free!
  • Print copies should be available in September barring shipping issues. They will retail for $15.

1.5 is more than a re-print, not quite a sequel. It contains:

  • Everything from the critcally acclaimed LCC1
  • 4 new creatures inspired by African legends
  • Two new pieces of art from Michael Lee Harris
  • 2 Pirate-themed adventures
  • Expanded lore and worldbuilding
  • Tons of minor edits and improvements

Importantly, this 1.5 update is a way for our new team to get in the groove and set the stage for future issues. When you buy a copy of Lowcountry Crawl, your money goes to:

40% to the new lead writer: Steven Bramlett.20% to the original writer: John Gregory.
Steven Bramlett resides in Charleston. When he is not teaching his daughters the swashbuckling of piracy he enjoys writing, cooking, and gaming (of all kinds). Steven loves to intertwine life experience, familial and national history in writing. Joe Abercrombie and Jordan Peele rent headspace for free within Steven’s mind. He is that guy who will show you five comedy sketches and talk about his latest reading venture until the cows come home.AKA The Lawful Neutral, Johnny grew up in the Lowcountry. He has a talent for evocative writing and a passion for local history and legend. Lowcountry Crawl was his brainchild!

20% to the publisher: ME! You already know me.

20% to the Lowcountry Action Comittee.The LAC is a Black led grassroots organization dedicated to Black liberation through service, political education, and collective action in the Lowcountry.
“Our goal is to defeat Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, and All Other Forms of Bigotry.
Although the Lowcountry Action committee has a specific focus on the fight against institutional racism and the self determination of our people, we understand that neither things are possible while related forms of oppression remain intact. We defend the human rights of all those who are unjustly oppressed.
ERICAVEAL_HEADSHOT.jpgIn fact a co-founding member of the LAC was able to consult directly on this project: Erica Veal! Erica Veal is a local archivist and cultural and natural history interpreter. She received her BA in History and Spanish from Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolin in 2007 and her MA in History (with a concentration in African American History) from the College of Charleston in 2013.
She is currently the Project Archivist and Interpretation Specialist at the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture and a co-founding member of the Lowcountry Action Committee.
We also (once again) partnered with Akelah of Salt and Sage Books. Akelah has been helping us since the start and brought her experience to bear on these new additions to the zine.
From a young age, Akelah has always had a passion for reading. She loves the different characters and worlds that she could discover when she read and she knew she wanted to work with authors and writers to put their work out there. She graduated with a B.A. in English and she’s glad to help other people bring their work into the world while doing something she loves.
When she’s not working, she enjoys beating up video game villains, cooking flavorful meals, and playing fetch with her cat.
She enjoys fiction books of all genres, but she doesn’t shy away from non-fiction.
CharlieFA.jpgFeaturing several pieces of art by Charlie Ferguson-Avery. One half of Feral Indie Studio, Charlie is a freelance illustrator and writer based out of rural Pennsylvania. Known for his work on Never Going Home, Into the Wyrd and Wild, and The Vast in the Dark he is currently working on a new book and a pile of TTRPG zines.
Michael Lee Harris is a Georgia-based artist who has drawn such titles as Black Wraith, Berlin 1945, Gorilla the Chinchilla, Black Hitler and Gumshoe. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and a master’s degree in Sequential Art. He enjoys writing, drawing comics, storyboarding, illustrating children’s books and talking about himself in the third person. You can find his work on the interwebs at artstation.com/michaelleeharris.MichaelLH.jpg

We hope this zine sells well so we can immediately start working on more issues of Lowcountry Crawl. The stage is set, and we’re in the groove…we just need your support!

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Thank You for Funding ABIDE!


A few weeks ago I hosted a huge 50% off sale on all my games to raise funds for ABIDE. Thanks to your outpouring of support I was able to bring on two new consultants to help refine the game:

  • Tony Vasinda of PlusOneXP has experience with Elder communities and is a huge personality in the RPG community via his streams and events. We’re so lucky to get his insights on how the Keep is organized.
  • Jacob Wood of Accessible Games has joined specifically to help us work out how Abide handles differently abled folks. It’s a part of growing older, and we want to explore both the struggles and triumphs of Elders as their adapt to changing circumstances.

They’ve already been doing some incredible work I hope I can show you soon.

The playtest PDF just recently received its second full adventure, and now containts everything you need to run 3-4 sessions of Elderly adventures. Grab it for free here.

The full text is about 100 pages, and is only growing larger. After Lowcountry Crawl 1.5 is out we’ll start working on more substantial ABIDE updates.

Upcoming Conventions


Assuming Coronavirus cases don’t explode, I’ll be attending:

I might have a few extra surprises available, so swing by if you can and checkout my booth!

And more?!

I’m so excited for the next few months. Reach out to me whever you are! (I’m on instagram now and trying to understand #hashtags. HELP!)

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Thanks for reading!