Cool Crap I've Made

Cool Crap I've Made

March was a VERY productive month for me. But none of the stuff I did really made it into a blog post, so I’m going to summarize it here.

Bone Marshes


Progress continues apace! I’ve been doing some cool video-workshops with Joe Banner, our layout wizard.

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

I enjoy these discussions, and hopefully it’s a good peek behind the curtain of where Bone Marshes is going.

I’m also planning to re-do all of the maps to make them more defined and clear.

OH! And I have an idea for making the Cattail Bandits more fleshed out and interesting. Probably will do a future blogpost on that.


Been playing a LOT of RPGs lately, and was able to add a bunch of new adventure reviews! So that’s nice.

Random Generators

Ah, my recent obsession. I made a nice, mobile friendly character generator for Bone Marshes and then I just…kept…making them! While there are a lot of random generators and tables out there, very few look nice on mobile screens, so I wanted to focus on that aspect.

Monster Parts


I was taking with Curio on the Knave Discord about monsters. We wanted to brainstorm some interesting creatures ideas and maybe come up with some kind of bestiary or list of creatures.

Curio mentioned that they would like a random generator of monster characteristics and I agreed wholeheartedly. Curio came up with most of the content, and did most of the work; I just made the generator and hosted it.

But I’m still proud of what we made, and hope it inspires a lot of cool creatures!

Hot Springs Island Generator


You already know I’m a HUGE fan of Hot Springs Island. It’s the one campaign I’ve played the most, and enjoyed the most. So wildly imaginative, easy to use, and plain fun.

But rolling up encounters is a pain. Lots of tables, lots of potential outcomes. I’ve been wanting a better generator for a looong time. And now I have one!

Troika Character Generator and Turn Tracker


So this is a weird one. Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Hear about Troika. Mental note to read later.
  2. Forget mental note.
  3. Hear about new edition of Troika. Mental note to back.
  4. Forget mental note.
  5. New edition comes out. Looks beautiful, fresh, hilarious.
  6. Decide to make a quick generator for this new game, see if I can draw all the new Troika fans to my website.
  7. Read the book.
  8. Definitely gonna make a character generator….but what’s this? WEIRD INITIATIVE RULES! WOW! Tokens in bags coolness.
  9. Don’t have any tokens. Sadness.
  10. IDEA! I’ll make a nice initiative tracker for mobile devices.
  11. Spend 10 hours making a stupid coin-flip animation.
  12. Finish the rest of the generator/tracker soon after.
  13. Profit?!

If you don’t know anything about Troika, generator a few characters to get a feel for the humor/creativity of this awesome game. If you like Troika, then I hope you find this tool useful.

That’s all for generators (in March anyway). What else?

Gambling mini-game

This is a small thing, but our group had so much fun with it that I wanted to share. It’s built for a shady/unfair kind of gambling casino thing.

The best part about these rules is that while a single player CAN win big, over time the house pretty much takes everything.

PROTIP: Don’t tell your players about the cash-out price until they try to cash out. It really drives home how unfair this place is!

You can find the PDF of these gambling rules here.