Alternate Settings for Mythic Mortals

Alternate Settings for Mythic Mortals

A few people have asked if Mythic Mortals can be adapted for other settings. To that I answer a resounding, “YES!”. As a fun little writing exercise, I’ve whipped up a few small setting blurbs for the Mythic Mortals that might have been.

Atlantis Rises

“Ever since we discovered the Time Capsule 5 years ago, the entire planet has united in pursuit of our galactic protectors. The ancient Atlanteans left us incredible technology that we have barely begun to understand. It’s obvious they assumed we would be more advanced than we currently are.

This conference is to warn the public that our planet i in dire peril, and we will be advancing our efforts to make use of the defensive technologies left for us. Last week, when examining one of the objects left behind, we accidentally activated it, and only later realized our peril.

The device powered a terrific shield that protected our planet. not only hiding our existence from the rest of the galaxy, but also obscuring all threats from our satellites and telescopes.

That shield has fallen, and with it came a warning: They Are Coming. Prepare.

We know not the threat that awaits us, but there is a hope. Although the large-scale energy weapons and shields are beyond our power requirements at the moment, we have discovered how to replicate and administer a treatment of combat nanites.

These nanites can replicate weapons, armor, and even allow the user to form smaller, more focused energy blasts. Essentially, we can create super-heroes. However, the nanites only respond to certain genetic sequences. We have begun a world-wide draft of viable candidates who will be called upon to defend our world from whatever threats may come.

We don’t know precisely what effects these nanites may have on an individual, but they are currently our only option. All feasible candidates will be contacted with details and mission orders. I am sorry to any who are reluctant, but we need all compatible individuals that we can get. You are the only thing standing between us and annihilation.

– Inspired by Stargate Atlantis and The Atlantis Gene

Super Accidents

Case File 3536 Real Name: Jenna McCathy Alias: Golden Oldie Age: 58

Strange transformation: Bitten by a rabid mongoose, struck by lightening, and then fell into a vat of radioactive chemicals. Against all logic they survived, like the others, and have also begun manifesting special powers and abilities.

Mental State: Revenge (63% of known cases). Case 3536 left to deliver ransom money for her kidnapped husband, only to find his body left with a note: “Joke’s on you!”. During a fit of grief and rage, the transformation event occurred.

Analyst Summary: We still don’t know what or who is linking these occurrences together. It seems that for every transformed individual willing to join the force, there is another who turns to crime and becomes a vigilante. As these special individuals are created, our normal, human officers struggle to keep up and maintain their effectiveness. The “Super Accidents” may be the future of humanity, or at least the future of the police force. Until we find the connection between these strange events, I only hope that more victims of this phenomenon will continue to fight for justice and the good of all humanity…

– Inspired by Silver Age Comics, 80’s Action Movies, Kung Fury


Hello Listeners! I hope you’re all still with us and fighting for a new tomorrow. For those who may have been recently cured, here’s a quick re-cap:

Patient Zero came from a small hamlet in New Jersey. Although concerns had been voiced about the meat industry, cosmetics, prescription medication, vehicle emissions, video games and many, many others, no one expected that childrens’ cereal would be the thing to end humanity.

A grown woman, aged 27, was eating a box of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs when her immune system reacted to the copious amounts of sugar in her system. In an attempt to control the reaction, her cells mutated, and she was transformed into the Contagion Queen.

Spreading her spores across the country-side, anyone within 100 miles immediately became a carrier. Although a small percentage of the population was immune, most were immediately transformed into horrible monsters, commonly known as “Walking Zed”.

Luckily, however, a small number of individuals were able to internalize the infection, and their bodies mutated to manifest incredible abilities. These “Super Zed” have taken to carrying around large backpacks with many weapons, and are a threat to be reckoned with.

The Super Zed have also demonstrated the ability to heal and cure any Infected, making them humanity’s last hope for survival. As these brave heroes wander the infected wastes, our thoughts and prayers go with them, that they may bring healing and new life to whoever needs it.

This is Zero-Echo-Delta signing off. Until tomorrow, May we all see the dawn.

– Inspired by Fallout, The Walking Dead, I am Legend

Mythic Darkness

I am Edmund Alrick, and this is my confession. I do not believe that what I did was right, but I do believe it was necessary. Perhaps my actions will lead to damnation, but had I the choice, I would do the same again.

We were not ready. They came out of nowhere, and covered the land in weeks, if not days. Those who lived outside of great cities were destroyed immediately, since they had not the fire and the light to keep the evil at bay.

During the day we gathered firewood, dismantled homes, and even collected wheat for burning. At night, a ring of flames protected the few remaining cities. But it was only a temporary solution. Even scouring the woods and outlying hamlets for more materials, eventually we would run out…

Thus the experiments begin. I collected several colleagues, all of us experts in the alchemical arts, myself foremost among them. At the start, there were many volunteers; men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for the chance to keep their families safe. The number of volunteers dropped off as failed experiments joined the ring of fires each night.

Unfortunately, we were very close to a breakthrough, and I was able to “convince” the baron to forcibly encourage more volunteers to come forward. Horribly things were done in the name of progress, and I’m not proud of any of them, least of all my eventual success, if you can call it that.

After completing the formula, I rapidly administered treatment to a large group of “volunteers”. The results were more than I could have dreamed of in my worst nightmares. They manifested incredible powers: strength, speed, magical blasts, and more. They would surely defend our city from this evil!

But I had not considered the anger, mistrust, and hatred that they would hold for us. Whether because of the formula or because of the injustice and mistreatment that they suffered, I do not know. The result is the same:

I have not created heroes, only more monsters.

As the fires burn low around the city, our only hope is that they are still out there fighting the evil. I know that they do not fight for us, but so long as they fight, humanity lives through another night.

-Inspired by The Witcher, Full Metal Alchemist, Frankenstein

Are there any other cool setting you’d like to see Mythic Mortals adapted for?