200 Word RPG Updates

200 Word RPG Updates

I got the urge to expand the 200 Word RPG website and community, created a subreddit, try out some mini-challenges and more!

The Website


The 200 Word RPG Challenge website was a big hit, and I’m very proud with how it turned out. However there is always room for improvement.

  • More suggestions. Now at the end of every entry there are three names entries just begging you to read them. It makes the site a lot easier to binge-read.
  • Entry of the Day. The @200wordrpg twitterbot has been featuring a new entry every day for over three months now! I love reading through them every day and thinking about what works/what doesn’t. Studying these little gems is a great exercise to improve your game design chops, and the twitter account makes it easy to turn into a habit.
  • Discussion Link. At the bottom of each entry there is a “Discuss this Entry” button that will take you directly to the new community discussion page. If the entry hasn’t been discussed yet, it creates a new topic. If it has already been discussed before, then the link takes you to that discussion. That leads nicely into…



I’m not a heavy reddit user but it turned out to be the perfect format for complex game design conversations. Anyone can make an account, reply to messages, start new threads, link to entries, edit previous comments, etc. There are so many more tools here than G+ offered us.

Mini-Challenges are another new addition. We’ll see how well they pan out, but I want to engage more of the community; this might be just the kind of thing we need to keep us sharp in between larger contests!

Next Year?

The challenge will be returning next year, never fear. The details are still being worked out; but I hope to post a major news update with the new year. Until then we have lots of of cool stuff to keep us busy until then.

I welcome any any all suggestions you have for next year!