Overpowered: Pirate Borg

Overpowered: Pirate Borg

Here’s my detailed play report of Pirate Borg. I used the latest version of Overpowered, my weird solo OSR game.

UPDATE: This playthrough used an old version of the Overpowered rules. We hope you still enjoy it.

Player notes are in italics. Pirate Borg is absolutely GORGEOUS and dripping with atmosphere. After reading it I could barely wait to explore the setting using my solo game. Let’s see how it goes!


Frigid.Procyon.11 is different than other explorer bots. While his brothers and sisters search for gold, creatures, and new horizons, Procyon seeks ART.

Of course, some forms of art are valuable treasures, but not all treasures are art. His programming doesn’t disciminate, forcing Procyon to rise above his hardware limitations.

Too bad he was assigned to explore a region with ZERO artistic potential. Procyon rests atop the church steeple of Coral Town, looking down with disdain upon the dirty streets and even dirtier denizens.

He is equipped with an experimental teleporter, allowing him to jump to anywhere he can see, but he has to rest for a few moments between each jump. He’s spent the last day or two carefully exploring the town, getting more and more disgusted with each new discovery.

A map of Coral Town

His appearance is similar to a cannonball, dark and circular shell with a matte pitted surface. He has managed to avoid being seen so far, and thanks to his translator he’s learned of some kind of event happening in the church tonight.

Sunday Mass

Procyon teleports to one of the many nooks and crannies along the church ceiling, giving him a good vew of the service.

Father Wallace has managed to gather several dozen townspeople for some kind of emergency meeting. The Abbot raises his hands, and everyone quiets down.

“My children! Thank you for coming. It is in these dark times we must cling to one another and stand firm against the forces of darkness! Let us read from…”

After a length sermon, several townsfolk get up to leave and a short fat aristocrat rushes up to the pulpit.

“Thank you, Father, for that rousing encouragement! If I may make a quick announcement.” Folks pause and wait to here what the well-dressed man has to say.

“As your Governor, I have watched over you and kept our city safe from a myriad of threats! With God’s help, of course. And as his represented authority, I now beg for your help. My daughter, Veronique, has been missing for over a day.”

Some murmers spread throughout the church. The Governer lets the tension build, and then announces, “As a demonstration of my thanks, whoever brings her back shall be rewarded 1000 silver! I’ve no doubt Veronique herself will be extremely grateful as well, immortalizing her hero in one of her talented paintings!”

The people are obviously more moved by the promise of silver, but Procyon perks up at the mention of a painting.

“Please spread the word to any who might be able to find her” the Governor finishes, “before it’s too late!” He storms down the aisle and out the door. Most people follow, and Procyon teleports away as the Abbot attempts to preach to an emptying room.

Following the Governor.

Procyon decides to follow the Governor, see if he can find any clues about the location of his missing daughter.

It’s tricky; the Governer stops by a few more town centers to give a similar speech, offering various rewards for anyone who can find his lost daughter. After each speech he storms off towards the next location.

CLAUDE BARLETTE (THE GOVERNOR): HP 25 Morale 11 Necro-Aura -d4
▶ Death Touch: d10 + Shriveling spell
▶ Shriveling Spell: Touch drains all stats by 1 for d20 hours. Regain d6 HP.
▶ Levitate: Fly 60’ a turn.
▶ Anti-Magic: Any PC attempting to use a Relic or Ritual against him must first test Spirit DR16.

I, the player, know that the Govenor is a necromancer and is responsible for the island’s curse. I’m hoping to reveal that to Procyon in a fun way at the lighthouse.

Procyon keeps teleporting to dark corners nad staying out of sight. Eventually the Governor storms out of Coral Town towards the Lighthouse.

  • Spends 1d8, 1d10 to overcome the Govenor’s Morale and remain undetected.

The Governor mutters something in a strange tone and yanks open the door. He disappears inside and Procyon sees the door seal with some kind of magical sigil. Not getting in that way.

Lighthouse Balcony

Procyon teleports up to the top of the lighthouse balcony. The place is a mess! The beacon has been smashed, the balcony is open to the elements and covered in seagull droppings.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.

As Procyon turns to look down the ruined staircase, something lands on his shell. He takes a feather and analyzes the creature. Just a simple seagull. It should–

Then another lands nearby. And another. And another. They all tilt their heads at the same time and begin pecking and pulling at his shiny metal bits. It’s overwhelming.

4 Scavenging Seagulls: HP 4 Morale 6 Metallic feathers -d2
Claws d4
Bite d4 (1-in-4 risk of infection)

  • Gains 4d6 for sampling weak creatures
  • Spends 1d4, 1d6 to resist the first seagull’s attacks.
  • Spends 1d6 to resist another’s attacks.
  • Spends 1d6, 1d10 to resist the 3rd.

The seagulls get agitated, dropping some of the other bits and bobs they had been holding.

  • Gains 2d4 for scanning the small handfuls of treasure.
  • Spends 1d4, 1d6 to resist the last seagull’s damage.
  • Gains 1d10 for completing an area.

In this instance I re-arranged the order of dice, letting Procyon obtain some samples and scan some treasure so he could resist the attacks. Up to you if this counts as cheating or not!

UPDATE: This situation encouraged me to tweak the rule and allow players to accumulate a negative Overpower balance so they can get past difficult encounters like this one. If I were playing it again, I would have definitely had negative Overpower during this part.

Frustrated, the seagulls disperse, allowing Procyon to teleport down the stairs.

Lighthouse Quarters

Procyon carefully teleports to a rafter overlooking the lighthouse quarters. It’s been abandoned for years; beds and tables covered in dust. Procyon waits for his teleporter to recharge as the sun sets below the horizon.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.

A ghostly figure manifests in the room. The old spector strokes his beard and puts the finishes touches on a journal entry.

Ghost: HP 7 Morale 7 No Armor
▶ Cutlass: d6
Ethereal. Can , can be invisible until it attacks, then DR 14 to hit.

“Are ye satisfied? Can not a man write his memoirs in peace? BEGONE!”

  • Spends 1d8, 1d6 to power the translator, overcome the ghosts morale, and adopt his strange accent.

Procyon speaks in an equally unsettling voice: “If ye harbor the Governor, surely one more is no trouble.”

The ghost laughs. “That creature is nay human, and he’s nay me guest. If not for his kind daughter, I’d be absorbed into his power.”

Procyon perks up. “You’ve seen his daughter? Where? When?”

The ghost sits back down, looking thoughtful. “The girl came to paint atop the balcony, her father, the sage, accompanied her. I made the mistake of threatening them, but the sage overwhelmed me. Before I could be destroyed, the girl pleaded my case, and I was freed. The Governor and his daughter argued for a time and eventually she left, declaring that the views were likely better at the castle.”

His voice cracks a bit. “I fear I’ve been the cause of yet another lost daughter. Dammit it all.” The ghost begins to pace angrily.

Procyon lights up at the information. “Thank you for the information. I will leave you.” But before he can teleport away, the ghost reaches out a hand. “Please”, the old man pleads, “take me with you. It’s not safe for me here, not while the Governor keeps visiting. My soul is bonded to a purple crystal hidden in the stove.”

Procyon considers, and then uses his force projector to open the stove and retrieve the crystal. “Very well. I will find a safer place to store your crystal.” The ghost smiles a sad smile and fades away.

  • Gains 1d20 for scanning a powerful object.
  • Gains 2d4 for scanning the small pile of coins.
  • Gains 1d10 for completing the area.

Skeleton Point Portcullis

Procyon teleports across the island, making his way to Skeleton Point castle. The old ghost remains alert within the crystal, occasionally dropping bits of advice.

map of castle

“Are ye daft? Should we not await the sunrise to explore this fortress? At night this place is crawling with skeletons.”

Procyon is impatient however, choosing to ignore the ghost’s warning. Surely his devices will keep him safe. No need to waste any more time in this miserable place.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.

The courtyard looks like the result of a disgusting slaughter. Dozens of skeletons impaled on spikes wiggle and writhe, unable to escape their strange prisons. A few manage to twist free and shamble towards Procyon.

3 Skeletons: HP 5 Morale 8 No Armor
Grave Breath d2
Dagger d4
Small Axe d6

His sleep darts won’t do any good here. Instead, Procyon relies one old-fashioned physics.

  • Spends 1d8, 2d4, 1d10 to smash the skeletons against the portcullis, overwhelming their HP.
  • Gains 3d6 for taking samples.
  • Gain 1d4 for scanning one of the skeleton’s golden manacles.

There are dozens of skeletons here, and Procyon doesn’t care to sample them all; so he won’t benefit from clearing the area.

Procyon sees a path through the portcullis, and teleports into the foyer.

Skeleton Point Foyer

Its dusty, dreary, and…BEAUTIFUL! A massive painting of a stormy mountain range, painted with haunted brush strokes and a deep sense of…frustration mixed with awe. Procyon doesn’t dare to hope that this represents the talents of Veronique. If so, he’s even more motivated to find her.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.
  • Gains 3d4 for scanning the painting. It’s not exactly 3 handfuls, but it is valuable.
  • Gains 1d10 for completing the area.

Procyon passes through the kitchen and up the stairs to the library.


Skeleton Point Library

The walls are covered in thick metal bookshelves. Before Procyon can peruse the shelves, clanking footsteps come from the stairs.

“Welcome, tiny metal shell, to my humble home. I hope my servants have greeted you properly and made you feel welcome.”

A massive skeleton in conquistador armor enters the room. It flourishes its cape, revealing a well-kept sword sheathed at its side. “As your host, I look forward to welcoming you personally.”

THE BARON: HP 20 Morale - Plate -d6
▶ Expert Rapier: d10
▶ Scream of Death: All who hear it test Presence DR12 or take d6.
▶ Cursed: If killed, he reforms at dawn in the crypt.
▶ Incorporeal during the day.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.
  • Spends 4d4, 1d6, and 1d8 to deplete the HP of The Baron.
  • Gains 1d12 for sampling a powerful creature.

Lacking weapons to use against this foe, Procyon turns himself into a weapon. He extends his shell, and uses the force projector to turn himself into a cannonball. Battering the Baron over and over, eventually the bones shatter and fall into a heap.

A subtle, echoing laugh echoes around the room. “This isn’t over, little cannonball!”

Procyon scans a few books, and time passes more quickly than he expected.

  • Gains 3d4 for scanning valuable books.
  • Gains 1d10 for completing the area.

Procyon quickly teleports up the steps as sunlight streams into the room. Hopefully he isn’t too late to track down Veronique.

Skeleton Point Studio

Atop the tower is a small room. Someone has taken advantage of the incredible view and transformed the room into a small art studio. Paints, easels, a few simple chairs, and more fill the space.

  • Gains 1d8 for entering a new area.

Procyon almost doesn’t notice the figure leaning against the wall, looking out the window through a telescope.

She finishes her examination of a distant jungle ridge and turns around, appearing startled to see a small glowing cannonball resting on her desk. “Hello? Is this a gift from my beloved?”

Procyon warms up his translator. “Are you Veronique? Your father is worried about you.”

Her expression sours. “Ugh, I don’t know what you are litte sphere, but if my father sent you, then we have nothing else to say. Leave. Now. Before my lord Baron returns and chops you into tiny pieces.”

Procyon tries to soften his synthetic modulator. “I’m afraid I was forced to destroy the Baron in combat. He was very…aggressive.”

She shook her head, and wags her finger. “He’ll be back, and this time he’ll use more than his sword. You had better leave while you can.”

Procyong responds quickly. “In truth, I am here for you. That painting in the lobby…did you make it?”

She looks a little confused. “Yes. What of it?”

“It’s beautiful! The composition is focused, deliberate, but the image is vague and dreamlike. I don’t know how such precise brushstrokes can create such an impression. I would be honored to observe your technique.”

Veronique is amused. “I don’t know if–”

With a loud BOOM the door slams open and a handsome ghost barges inside. He sports a conquistador’s robes, but bears little resemblence to the skeletal monster from the library. “YOU dare to corner my beloved!” the figure bellows, thrusting his hands forward and emitting a scream of energy.

  • Spends a d12, d10 resisting the effects of the scream.

The crystal Procyon was carrying, however, doesn’t fare as well. The ghostly old lighthouse keeper materalizes, thrashing in pain, he knocks over a few paintings.

Veronique steps up to the Baron’s ghost. “Peace, my love. This little ball and I were merely talking. Please, don’t disturb the serenity of my studio. I grew up with an angry man controlling my life, and I will not remain with one.”

The Baron lowers his accusing finger. “Are you hurt?” he asks, taking Veronique into a protective embrace. “No, my dearest, everything is alright”, she reassures him.

A gasp of pain from the fallen lighthouse keeper breaks the tension. “Oh no!” Veronique gasps, “Is he okay?”

Procyon examines the crystal, noticing the many cracks within it. “His crystal is damaged. I don’t know how to stabilize him.”

Veronique and the Baron kneel before the old man. The Baron looks at Veronique, and, nodding, makes a promise. “I am sorry for my outburst. You did my no harm and I have killed you. Upon my honor, make any request of me and it shall be done.”

The old lighthouse keeper pulls out his journal from within a coat pocket. “Please.” His voice begins to fade. “I drove my daughter away and this regret has consumed me. Tell her my story. Tell her…I’m sorry.” With a last wavering cough, the ghostly form fades into nothing.


Over the next few weeks Procyon helps the Baron and Veronique keep their promise to the lighthouse keeper.

Veronique paints a beautiful image of the lighthouse as it once was; featuring a loving father and his daughter playing near the shore.

The Baron uses a series of complex arcane rituals to locate the old man’s daughter. Looks like she’s in a distant land, struggling with her own regret and anger towards her father.

Lastly, Procyon reluctantly agrees to deliver the journal, the painting, and the story of what happened to the daughter. At least he won’t have to return to this island. Perhaps this new land will be a little more enlightened?

Even so, Procyon doubts he’ll ever meet another artist as talented, warm, and haunted as Veronique. Haunted in the most beautiful possible way.

Final Score: 35 Overpower.