Overpowered transforms any Role-Playing Game Adventure into a competitive solo strategy game. Play as a brave explorer bot charged with mapping, scanning, and pacifying a dangerous location. Compatible with any module that uses math and maps.

Play through an adventure, make tough decisions, manage your dice, and post your high score to the Online Scoreboard below!

  • Simple 1-Page Rules + Tutorial Adventure
  • Play through adventures as quickly as you can read them.
  • Monthly Challenges for fun & prizes!
  • Doubles as a GM prep tool to learn adventures.
  • Join the Discord Server to talk strategy or ask questions.

Name Your Bot, Launch Web App

Bot Name:

Bots with the same name get the exact same die rolls. Re-use a bot name to compete directly with them and try to beat their score!

DEC2023 Monthly Challenge

DEC2023 Teaser Click for Monthly Challenge Guidelines

Online Scoreboard

Scores may vary, depending on how obstacles and rewards are interpreted by players. Monthly Challenges are the best place for objective competition.

Web App built with the incredible Dicier font by Speak the Sky and uses the CRT effect from Alec Lownes. Pixel robots from Torben Boekemeyer.