Overpowered is a solo framework for speedrunning your favorite tabletop rpg adventures. Manage your power, choose your path, and perfect your strategy. Achieve a high score and dominate the online leaderboards. Try the demo adventure for free right now!

This game is in early access. The PDF will be improved upon and expanded over the next few months. Later this year we will fund a print run. Join the newsletter for updates!

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The Early Access PDF Includes:

  • A printable bookmark with all the rules.
  • 50+ Pages of examples, adventures, strategy tips, and more!
  • Compatible with any adventure that has math and maps.
  • Play as you read. No journals, no oracles—just strategy.
  • A game for game masters. Play as you prep your sessions.
  • A 5-minute tutorial adventure.

What People are Saying

“Could easily play for 5-10 minutes before a session and easily see what I need to prep for the night!” -Derek Bizier, Halfling’s Hoard

“Genuinely cannot wait to have time to sit down and take it for a spin.” - @sohkrates on tumblr

“This is the least complicated way to quickly run through modules I’ve bought. A great GM prep tool!” - Nerd Leading the Nerd

“It’s fun to take these adventures and convert them into a little number puzzle.” - Science Fantasy Awesome

Online Scoreboard

Scores may vary, depending on how specifics are interpreted by players. Use the Adventures from the Deluxe edition for true competition.

Web App built with the incredible Dicier font by Speak the Sky and uses the CRT effect from Alec Lownes. Pixel robots from Torben Boekemeyer.