October Blogroll

October Blogroll

Like I explained before, I’m going to embrace this new blogpocalypse as long as my sanity will let me.

One of the most important parts of this process is sharing the blogs and posts of others. Inoreader makers this really easy: when I read something cool, I can star it for later. Then, at the end of the month I just go through my starred posts. So, let’s jump right in!



A great attempt at making a phone-based RPG. It includes a character generator, rules, etc. I think the idea has a lot of potential, but it’s limited by layout the small screen size of phones. I mean, a full-size RPG hardcover can present about 15 times the content of the average phone across its two pages.

But I’m always glad to see people trying new things; maybe I’ll give it a try. Especially since the mood music is ON POINT!

Purple Worm with Pornstars

I love this article. Luka breaks down how the support of the RPG community helped him get through a hard time and pushed him to create some incredible things.

This is what we cannot afford to lose as G+ fades away. The encouragement, the collaberation.

Commentary on Tomb of the Iron God

I love reading good reviews. This one delivers with context for the adventure, praise for the clever history, and excitement about what comes next.

Makes me really want to play it.

The Wilderness Dungeon, An Essay

This article gave me a new perspective on wilderness exploration. I wonder if I can apply some of its points to The Bone Marshes.

It ends with this brilliant line: “Perhaps the dungeon was built to keep the wilderness out.”

The Dreams of Trees

Going along with the post above, this is a fascinating perspective on viewing trees. The post describes them a vicious creatures waging war on a scale of hundreds of years.

I love stuff like this.

Don’t Know What to Write

I include this not because of the content, but because of the tone. THe honesty, the vulnerability. Really good stuff that I hope to see more of in these blogs, and in my own.

Room Descriptions

This is gold. USEABLE being the key word. It takes SO much more effort to parse a bloated adventure than a sleek well organized one.

This advice is going DIRECTLY into the Bone Marshes.