Generate weird pets for your players.

These are brave and true creatures who have dedicated themselves to their owners. They are always doing their best; they cannot lie, deceive or betray. Treat them well, and you’ll have a loyal companion even in the darkest of places.

OSR Pet Rules (Click to Expand)

None of these pets are sentient. Pets will attempt to satisfy their needs as best as they can. Over time Owners can spend an action to give a trained command using words the pet knows. New Pets start at level 1 and know 1 Word: their name.

Owners can spend their XP on their pet instead of on themselves. It requires 1/4 of the cost to level up a pet as it does to level an Owner.

When a pet levels up:
• Roll a number of Hit Dice equal to their level to determine their new HP. If the total is lower than its previous HP, increase HP by 1.
• Teach your Pet a new Word.

Pets have 5 Needs, listed in order of importance. They cannot meet a lower need until all higher needs are met.
1. Safety. They will flee any and all threats. If unable to flee they will fight.
2. Food. Until they are fed for the day they will seek food from nearby allies. If none can be found, they will disappear for 2d6 hours to find food.
3. Information. They will curiously investigate their immediate area; strange sights, sounds, smells, etc.
4. Comfort. Spending time near their owner, warmth, soft ground, etc.
5. Sleep. If all other needs have been met, they will sleep. After 4 hours of sleep they recover all HP, and will keep sleeping until awakened.

Talk to your group about how/if Pets can perish. Personally I rule that an Owner may absorb any damage their Pet takes whenever they choose.

These pets are designed to be loved and treasured; animal abuse shouldn’t be tolerated at your table. If your players don’t want pets, don’t give them any.

Thanks to:

  • Lauren Schirduan, the love of David’s life and his partner in crime.
  • Ori, our beloved fur baby.