Tension Minigame

A minigame that requires similar hand-eye coordination as pulling Jenga blocks. The more blobs you shoot, the more difficult things get. If you miss, Game Over!

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I want to play games like Dread, Star Crossed, and The Wretched. But I don’t have a Jenga tower, and I couldn’t play it remotely with friends…so I made my own version.

This minigame is less concerned with replicating the statical patterns of Jenga, and more focused on replicating the feel, the tension of playing Jenga.

Pulling blocks is mostly an exercise in patience. For the first few pulls there are plenty of loose bricks to choose from. After a dozen pulls, things start to get tricky.

Unlike Jenga individual players don’t impact one another. I recommend each player share their game screen to simulate this group tension.

If you have suggestions for improving the game, please let me know!

Cover Image by Fernando FLeitas from Pixabay