Overpowered Solo Roleplaying

Overpowered Solo Roleplaying

Speedrun adventure modules as a brave explorer bot. Overpowered is a solo TTRPG compatible with any game that uses math.

  • Rules and dice app freely available below.
  • Play through pre-written adventure modules in an hour or two.
  • Manage your dice and make tough decisions to achieve a high score!

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • A fantasy hack: Overloaded.
  • A grim-dark hack: Tribute Version.
  • With more to come soon!

Dice App


  • Stun Prod: Short range electrical arc. HP ❖ CON ❖ MAGIC DEF
  • Cloak: Avoid visual detection. PER ❖ DEX ❖ WIS
  • Drill: Loudly tunnel through obstacles. DC ❖ HEALTH ❖ ARMOR
  • Pheromones: Induce positive emotions. CHA ❖ CON ❖ BREATH
  • Hover Jets: Free 3D movement.
    SPEED ▰▱▱▱▱
      JUMP ▰▰▰▱▱
    CLIMB ▰▰▰▱▱
  • Doesn't like Cheese
  • Loves Cheese


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ØVerpower: 30






During a game of Overpowered you’ll be guiding your exploror bot through a pre-written adventure module. Use the dice app to manage your power, make difficult decisions, and complete the adventure with a high ØVerpower score!

To play a game of Overpowered, you’ll need a few things:

  1. This web page open on your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll want easy access to the dice above.
  2. A pre-written RPG adventure module you’ve been wanting to play. Overpowered is compatible with any game that uses math. See the “Selecting a Module” section for more info.
  3. An hour or two of your time. Some particularly large adventures might take longer, but

Rather than providing narrative tools to tell a new story, Overpowered encourages its players to discover the stories hidden within the adventure module.

Advice and asides are in these callout blocks.

Your creator built you to scan treasure, obtain creature samples, and explore the unknown. There are millions of other bots landing on countless worlds. Will you prove yourself a talented explorer or a waste of power?

To play a session of Overpowered you will need:

  • This web page open on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • An RPG adventure module you’ve been wanting to play.
  • An hour or two of your time.

You start with a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and a d20 in your power banks. You will spend these dice to power your devices and overcome obstacles.

Gain Dice by Achieving Goals

Your are rewarded with fresh power dice after you accomplish any of your goals.

  • Gain a ANY_ON_D4 d4 for each handful of treasure scanned.
  • Gain a ANY_ON_D20 d20 when you scan a powerful object.
  • Gain a ANY_ON_D6 d6 after obtaining a sample from a weak creature.
  • Gain a ANY_ON_D12 d12 after obtaining a sample from a strong creature.
  • Gain a ANY_ON_D8 d8 after you’ve entered a new area.
  • Gain a ANY_ON_D10 d10 after you completed scanning and sampling everything an area.

After you gain a die, it is rolled and added to your power banks. Dice are worth Power equal to the number they show. A d8 showing [6] and a d20 showing [6] are both worth 6 Power.

If your banks are full when you gain a new die, the oldest die is converted into ØVerpower. ØVerpower can be spent in different ways, but it also acts as a high score. Try to earn as much ØVerpower as possible! Or allow yourself to accumulate negative ØVerpower and try to make it up later.

Spend Dice to Overcome Obstacles

Unfortunately, treasure is often hidden, most creatures don’t like being sampled, and hazards prevent you from exploring further. You must overcome these obstacles by spending dice to fuel your devices.

To overcome an obstacle, follow these steps:

  1. Examine the obstacle (creature, hazard, trap, etc). Look at its description and Stats.
  2. Pick one Stat to overcome. Stats can look like STR, DEX, HP, DAMAGE, MORALE, SPEED, or anything else with a number value.
  3. Use a device. Which of your devices would be most effective against this obstacle’s Stat?
  4. Spend one or more dice to power your device. You must spend enough Power to exceed the Stat’s value.
  5. The creature, hazard, or obstacle is overcome completely! It will no longer trouble you.

If a Stat is a range of numbers (3d6+4), use the highest possible value (22). If none of the Stats make sense, simply use 7 as the default Stat for most things.

Example of Play

You enter the final room with a bank of four dice:

  • d4 showing [2]
  • d6 showing [3]
  • d10 showing [9]
  • d20 showing [15].

You gain a d8 after entering the room. After you add it to your banks it shows [4].

The coffin in the center of the room requires a DC of 12 to open. You spend the d20 showing [15] to open it.

A vampire rises from the coffin. She has an AC of 18, HP of 25, and deals 2d8 damage. You choose to exceed her highest damage, which is 16. You spend all of your remaining dice for a total of 18 Power; barely enough to exceed her damage!

  • You gain a d12 after taking a sample of her blood.
  • You gain a d20 for scanning the magical amulet she was wearing.
  • You gain two d4s after scanning a big golden box you found inside the coffin.
  • You gain a d10 for completing the room.

For a longer, more detailed example, read through the play reports below.

You may choose to end your adventure at any time. Sometimes going further isn’t worth the cost. Share your final ØVerpower score with others using the #OverpoweredSR hashtag and see if anyone can beat it!

David’s High Scores

App built with the incredible Dicier font by Speak the Sky and uses the CRT effect from Alec Lownes. Cute robots from Mounir Tohami. Rules and Dice App protected under CC-By. You may reuse them with attribution.