Play as a Robot, Mutant, or a Magical Golem; someone who can’t die and quickly learns new skills or abilities. Simple but elegant rules allow you to create your characters as you play, building them up one failure at a time. US Letter trifold pamphlet, black and white.


“Can’t recommend it enough. Free, easy to run RPG about immortals learning from their mistakes.” - Tyler Crumrine

“My kid and I played a session of Kintsugi! Was a lot of fun. He was a mutant pit fighter that had to make breakfast. First skill he made was “Sharp hoverboard” to slice mutant potatoes. Was a lot of fun!” - Sean

Starting Scenario

Inspired by SteamWorld Heist.

Theme Song: The Stars

“…Is that it? I should just tighten the….okay….got it! Hello? Can you hear me?

I’m the Captain of the Sprocket. We found you on a scrap heap outside of town. I put you together as best I could, but you’re a few springs short of an mousetrap if you catch my meaning.

We’re in a bad way. The Scrappers, a gang of bolters and blockheads, have downed my ship. I landed in the same junk pile as you did. The Scrappers have an outpost nearby where we should be able to “acquire” some parts.

I’m stuck in here, snug and tight. You might say I am the ship. We’ve got to work with one another. I know you can do this. It’s the only way we all get off this junk heap alive.”

To repair the ship the Captain needs:

  • A barrel of oil to keep everything running
  • Two large-bound springs to re-wind the engine
  • A weapon of some kind to punch past the planetary defenses
  • Startubes with local charts and maps
  • Money for bribes and supplies

Nearby locations:

  • Taps Bar. The owner, Taps, owes the Captain a favor.
  • ScrapPost. A ramshackle fort manned by 20 or so Scrappers. Stocked with weapons and oil.
  • Royal Office. Government facility protected by several turrets and endless legal forms.
  • Spring Fair. The traveling circus is a hotbed for all kinds of nefarious characters.