Technical Tea 3: Natural Puerh

Technical Tea 3: Natural Puerh


Dang y’all.

Video is hard.

Today’s Teas

Thanks again to Allen Yu for sending me these free samples. You can find these teas and more at!

Video Grief

I was on the verge of giving up on video and just stick with audio podcasts. But I REALLY want y’all to experience the quiet sereniTEA that gongfu brewing can bring. So I persisted through the pain and the madness.

Only to emerge with an exhausted confusion. I think it was worth, and I hope future attempts will be easier and higher quality.

Here’s a summary of the problems I encountered, and how I solved them. This is less entertaining than it is about sharing my pain. Enjoy.

Problem: I need to record video. Solution: I’ll just use my phone! (This will ultimately fail)

Problem: I need lighting and a mount for the phone. Solution: I’ll just grab the cheapest, most popular solution on amazon! (This actually works pretty well.)

Problem: My phone shuts itself off after 20 minutes of filming. Solution: An alternate camera program that auto-restarts recording after the hardware limit. (This may permanently overheat and damage my phone.)

I recorded a full hour of audio and video. This will shock you, but there are some problems!

Problem: The camera constantly shifts focus whenever I move my hand or pick up a cup. This is a surprisingly nauseating effect. Solution: Lock in the auto-focus.

Problem: The camera video quality isn’t terrible…but it’s not great. Solution: Try to use my wife’s phone. Install the new camera program.

I recorded another full hour of audio and video, and this one was mostly problem free! The only remaining problem is this:

When I recorded the podcast I kept the mic close and turned away to drink tea. But I didn’t want the mic on camera, so it’s much further than it was before. This was a terrible mistake, and the quality is MUCH worse.

So while I think I have video figured out, I need to troubleshoot the audio and see how I can improve it while still drinking tea.

Any suggestions are welcome, and tune in next time to see if I’ve found a solution!

And try to enjoy the tea video in spite of its voluminous flaws…