Birthday Surprises!

Birthday Surprises!

While this is the first of the 20s for the rest of the world, this year marks the last of my 20’s. My birthday is here and I have fun surprises for y’all!

All Books 29% Off!

To celebrate my birthday, some of my books are 29% off for the rest of the week (until end of Jan. 5):

Lowcountry Crawl Ashcan


When I recevied the first batch of Lowcountry Crawl from the printers, I was dismayed to find that the covers were just colored paper instead of the cardstock I ordered! They aplogized immediately and fixed the error.

Now I have 200 copies of Lowcountry Crawl with flimsy paper covers. Everything else is EXACTLY the same. However the paper covers feel a lot cheaper, so I think they should be priced cheaper.

Available for purchase for $6 RIGHT HERE!

Bone Marshes: Redux

Bone Marshes came out this past June and received some modest praise.

Joe Banner and I put a lot of effort into making Bone Marshes as easy to use as possible. Layout, organization, handouts, and rules references were priorities for us. And while we’re proud of what we did, both Joe and I couldn’t help but tweak the few flaws that bugged us.

We’re proud to present a new and improved version of Bone Marshes!

If you already bought a copy you’ll receive the updated PDF for free.

List of Changes:

  • We fit a bunch of the handouts into the book itself; less downloading and printing required.
  • Better organization. Less flipping required to jump around, and easier on the first read-through.
  • Charts > Paragraphs. Whenever we could combine multiple lists or sections into one chart we did so.
  • Hyperlinking. A TON of stuff is hyperlinked for easy digital navigation.
  • Cleaner, clearer, easier presentation.

birthday_BMold.png birthday_BMnew.png

ZineQuest 2020

I have big, exciting plans for ZineQuest this year. After the success of Lowcountry Crawl I’m addicted to the zine format, and am excited to get some more out there. I won’t go into all the details yet.

Join the Mailing List to get updates about the upcoming ZineQuest offerings.

But I’ll leave you with the titles of the three zines we’re working on:

Lowcountry Crawl #2: Haints & Haunts

Marsh Goons

Tempered Legacy

2020 is going to be a great year for Technical Grimoire! Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to bring more cool content to your table.

Birthday man image from British Library.