Small Surprise and a Patreon!

Small Surprise and a Patreon!

A lot of stuff I add to the website doesn’t show up on the RSS feed, so here’s what you missed, dear readers!

Last week Bone Marshes released to the world! I am still reeling from it; Bone Marshes was a special project to me:

  • Inspired by my hometown
  • First OSR & SWORDDREAM product
  • Supplement for other games, rather than one of my own
  • Largest size, smallest page count
  • I made the maps! They turned out great thanks to HexKit.

In fact I’m still not done. Today I released one more small surprise for Backers: A Bandit Handout by Jelly Muppet.

Grab the Bandit Handout here!

(It’s the last page in that file)

Hopefully that collection of colorful bandits will make the marshes feel a little more alive and varied. Great job, Muppet! You can find more of his cool stuff here.

Starting a Patreon

I also started a patreon! Well, technically it started a few weeks ago, but now that Bone Marshes is over I turn my full attention to it.


Become a Patreon

I’m “exploding” 200 Word entries and releasing them with additional content, fancy layout, and commentaries from the original designers. Each explosion will be a page or two in length, released monthly-ish. You will be charged per release, not per month. If I get sick or fall behind schedule it won’t affect your wallet.

Patreons get early access for just $2 a month. They also get to vote on which entries will be exploded next, and watch livestreams of my struggles with graphic design.

The first explosion is already up! It’s an expansion of “For City Coin”, one of my favorite entries from 2016. Become a supporter and check it out!


Other stuff

Let’s see, what else has happened lately…

What’s next?

Whew, well now that Bone Marshes is done I have a bunch of small things I want to do:

  • Review Wyrd and Wild, and make a cool generator for it.
  • A blog post about some design work for the Patreon.
  • Updates for the upcoming 200 Word RPG Challenge.
  • Who knows?! What cool stuff would you like to see come out of this site?

Thanks for reading and sticking with my all these years. I feel like the best is yet to come.