First & Last Play Report

First & Last Play Report

I don’t like reading DnD play reports, or watching other people play DnD, or anything fun and joyful.

But now I’m gonna write one because I played Ultraviolet Grasslands and people need to know! Luka is a word-mage of the highest order, and I’m suspicious.

Loyal viewers, feast your eyes on my first and hopefully only play report.

I don’t know why I hate watching/reading about people play D&D, but I think it’s because I’m either intimidated that they’re better than me, or annoyed that they aren’t as good. Or I just think that I would do things differently because I-

Anyway UVG is awesome

My players really enjoyed playing Troika, so I wanted to run Ultraviolet Grasslands with those rules.

As is my custom I spent many hours on shiny references instead of actually learning the adventure. I hope you find it useful!

There are a lot of fantastic RPGs modules out there. So what makes UVG special? Is it the evocative writing? The non-canon toolset? The colorful and interesting environments? Strange and bizarre NPCs? Clever trading/travelling mechanics?

NO! WRONG! It’s the 5 foot map. That’s what makes UVG so great.


But seriously, that map!

When my players came to the table and saw the huge map falling off the edge of the table it helped instill the vastness of our upcoming journey.

I explained the basic premise of the game:

Welcome to the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Since the calamity the Rainbowlanders have built themselves a thriving and stable community. You aren’t in that community, but on the insane, unknown, unstable wastes. You’ve come to find fortune, adventure, and opportunity. Also trade. And probably fighting.

I wasn’t sure how to start off the game. There isn’t an intro or a “tutorial” part of UVG, you’re just kind of thrown into the mix.

I described the city, rolled a random misfortune to get everyone in the mood, and scanned the random encounters for a good one.

“A Merchant named Woger is looking for guards for a caravan. $100 a person for the 3-week trip.” Perfect!

With a little haggling the PCs were on their way. I decided that Woger would pay for all their supplies and provisions. Make this a kind of tutorial run.

As such we didn’t ever roll for discoveries, rest, or do much exploring. It was a very focused, boring, serious adven-nah I’m just kidding. Stuff happened in spite of my best attempts to put training wheels on the party.


Things that happened

  • One of the PCs became indebted to an Ultra.
  • A PC snuck into a Rainbowlander caravan, attempted to steal fine silk, failed, and set off an explosion to cover their escape.
  • A PC attempted to drink with Dwarves, only to discover that their alcohol was laced with diesel oil. Really added to the flavor.
  • Using their tea-making skills they added a bit of lamp oil and have begun to grow a promising bottling empire.
  • “Okay, if I buy 10 sacks of water, 10 sacks of lamp oil, and a small stash of tea, how long will it take me to bottle it and sell it?”
  • With a Vome techno-bikers bearing down on them, they bravely sacrificed their dwarven allies while they hid and fled.
  • Successfully escorted the caravan to their destination, received payment, and began planning their next expedition.
  • “May I pet you, sir Catlord?”
    “No, you may not. But I will pet you.”
    “…Of course, Great Catlord!”
    The PC humbly accepts pets from a cat with human hands.
  • “I’m not your average gross human!”
  • “Whoa…This stuff is expensive! We need more money.”

I love UVG

I’ll post a full review (and probably more handouts) after I’ve played for a bit and have the book in my hands.

But for now, it seems very intuitive to run with lots of great tools for exploration and trade unrivaled by any module I’ve read.

The way information is laid out makes it VERY easy to run, and all the random encounters are filled with life and engagement.

Our group is having a blast, but more importantly I’m having fun. And I want to play more.

Luka, if you’re reading this, I love you. Call me. For the rest of you, support his patreon here