Nervous About Bone Marshes

Nervous About Bone Marshes

The Kickstarter for Bone Marshes launches January 12th.

Oh God.

On the one hand I’ve been working on this thing for over a year and I’m SO ready to see it done and hold it in my hand. On the other hand, OH GOD!

Oh God!

Bone Marshes isn’t the first adventure I’ve written (Hi Only the Food), but it’s by far the biggest and most complicated.

And this isn’t even my first Kickstarter, it’s kinda my third.

However I feel like the bar is REALLY high when it comes to OSR adventures. Hot Springs Island, Serpent Kings, Stargazer, Operation Unfathomable, and so on and on and on.

All of these adventures excel in their own way. HSI is just HUGE and intricate and feels like a real place. Serpent Kings teaches you how to play AS you play. Stargazer has almost no combat but still manages to be lethal and engaging. Operation Unfathomable is just silly and over the top madness.

So what is Bone Marshes

Bone Marshes is a weird little duck.

It’s about getting lost. Shifting landscapes, complex environments, flooding tunnels, and spreading fires all keep the party on their toes.

But do people even want this? I wrote it because I haven’t really seen anything like it.

I guess that’s the point of Kickstarter, right? We’ll see if people are interesting in a mapping focused adventure.

Gosh I sure hope so….